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Short from MCON2DENVER "You're in decentralized politics when you're in these DAO'ss and I think it's really, I think we've all seen some shit because of that but I think it's really important to if you want to be competitive in a competitive marketplace with your DAO then you've got to find a way to make a culture of one that attracts A players. Well, the quarterly governance process is where the DAO, so the DAO has set a purpose and essential intents for where it is going. So that's the macro vision and then there's a quarterly budgeting process where each workstream says how they're meeting those goals and basically sets their target, asks through their budgets and there's basically a quarterly budgeting process through which the workstream leads and the people with context will negotiate that. What you really want is to do you want to have a high trust environment where people can work with each other without having to play power, politics or egos can get involved and that's where healthy culture comes from."